May 16 Mindfulness in Sync: Global Simultaneous Sutra Transcription Event


1. 報名方式 :採用google form 報名
1. 抄寫心經分為五個項目,內容有:中文版、英文版、兒童版、雲端抄經、繪出心經(參加塗鴉禪藝術學員)。
2. 抄經報名日期:即日起至5月9日止。
3. 分會會長可以統一幫會員領取或個人至道場領取。
4. 各分會隸屬佛光山三寶寺、佛光寺、佛立門、菩提寺之分會會員、信眾統一至所屬道場領取。
5. 因新型冠狀病毒疫情的關係,室外尚未完全對外開發,此抄經活動擇在家裡佛堂自行抄寫,並請您的家人為您拍照回傳至三寶寺。以下幾點注意事項敬請協助配合:
佛光山三寶寺 :1(415)776-6538
佛立門文教中心:1(510) 818-0077

2021 Fo Guang Shan Northern California Branch Temple
May 16 Mindfulness in Sync: Global Simultaneous Sutra Transcription Event

1. Origin: May 16 is the anniversary of Fo Guang Shan headquarter, which is founded due to Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s vow and aspiration. Thus, it’s named “Fo Guang Day”. Venerable Master Hsing Yun propagates Humanistic Buddhism, in hope that everyone can practice the “three acts of goodness”, “the four givings”, “the five harmonies”and the “six paramitas” in life. He encourages everyone to have patience, to not forget one’s initial mind and can be compassionate, which ultimately leads to awakening in oneself and others.
2. Event: Sutra Transcription by all Fo Guang members around the globe
3. Main organizer: Fo Guang Shan Monastery
Co-organizer: Fo Guang Shan Northern California Branch Temple
4. Date: May 16, 2021(Sun) at 2:00pm
5. Participants: Monastic and lay devotees, Fo Guang Children
i. Registration: through online google form
6. Attire: please wear your black haiqing robe and precept robe (if you have taken the precepts). If you haven’t taken the precept and don’t have a black haiqing robe, please wear a white shirt and your yellow BLIA vest.
7. Procedure:
i. Heart Sutra transcription: Chinese, English, Children, Virtual transcription, Heart Sutra doodling for the Chan doodling students
ii. Registration: April 30 to May 9, 2021
iii. BLIA subchapter’s president can pick up for their member or individual can come pick up the sutra from the temple
iv. Please pick up from the temple near you
v. Due to the pandemic, we would like to ask everyone to transcribe at home and please ask your family to take picture and email it back to San Bao Temple
a. Photo: 2-3 photos
b. Please email it back to San Bao Temple on May 16 before 5:00pm. We are not taking any photo after that time. (
8. Sutra transcription prayer: We pray that through sutra transcription, everyone would be healthy, have harmony within the family, smooth sailing in their career and peace in the world
9. Contact information:
San Bao Temple :1(415)776-6538
American Buddhist Cultural Society, Fremont:1(510) 818-0077
Fo Guang Temple:1(510)835-0791
Bodhi Temple:1(916)689-4493

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