2016.03.13 [YAD] Sunday Gathering

We came together on this fine Sunday to…

We continued our tangyuan sell since we didn’t finished selling the last batch. We also got to finally meet with Ven. Miaozhong from Fremont! There was an introduction about our YAD and what we’ve done in the past. Then followed our monthly Buddhism class with Kee Heng, and we learned and discussed about meditation. Finally, we talked about the progress on the Taiwan trip and our banquet.

2015 04.08 美術圖典捐UCB

2015 03.12 Interfaith

2015 03.15. 皈依

2015 01.24. New Year Banquet

佛光山北加州四道場慶佛誕 活動豐富多元


佛光好音聲歌唱比賽 首次舉辦開會討論