Medicine Buddha Dharma Service 藥師法會

Announcement for Nov 12, 2022 The Medicine Buddha Dharma Service
Dear Dharma Friends and Devotees,
The 2023 Medicine Buddha Dharma Service will be held online at 10AM on Sunday, Nov 12.
During the service, the Medicine Buddha Sutra will be recited and lamps offered in the Main Shrine, the merit of which will serve as the bridge connecting us with the Medicine Buddha. We dedicate all merits from the service for world peace and blessings for the family members of every devotee. May all be blessed with joy, wisdom, and peace!
Dharma Service Schedule:
10:00am Medicine Buddha Sutra, Noon Offering & The Medicine Buddha Repentance scroll 1
* Live streaming: https://
1:30pm The Medicine Buddha Repentance scroll 2
* Live streaming: https://
2:40pm The Medicine Buddha Repentance scroll 3:
* Live streaming: https://
* YouTube的連結: https://
* YouTube的連結: https://
* YouTube的連結如下:



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